Climate Change Of The Future And Home Garden Plants

Written by admin on July 12th, 2011

Climate change of the future and home garden plants are a concern to everyone. There may come a time when farms do not produce enough food for everyone. You can help by raising foods that will supplement you food source and family meals. It can even become a source of income. Small home farms will become the main source of produce for families and communities everywhere. By choosing the right plan and foods, you will still be able to eat healthy and never be hungry.

Make sure you build a greenhouse on your property. No one knows if the weather will become too hot or if it will become colder. But many sources believe the cold is coming and with a small greenhouse you can raise plants until they are healthy and strong enough to transplant into the colder weather conditions. You may need to plan for twice the plantings in order to reap half the harvest, but you can still provide a great food source and supply. Select strong seeds for hardy plants. Items like potatoes, pumpkins, onions and green beans are hardy growers and will keep you supplied with fresh produce. Even strawberries are a great choice and you can grow them in pots right inside the greenhouse until harvest.


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