Providing Food For A Changing World Through New Gardening

Written by admin on July 14th, 2011

Providing food For A changing world through new gardening methods.
With more people in the world then ever before it is important to develop new ways to garden. Methods that that will increase crop yields. One type of technique is called hydroponics. Hydroponics is the fastest growth sector in agriculture and could help provide food through out the world. Land is becoming more scarce, both because of population increase but also become of bad land management. People are looking at hydroponics to make an additional food supply

Israel has been using hydroponic to grow food that would not normally be able to grow in that country. They have been able to grow large amounts of citrus fruit , bananas and berries. The hydroponic has a yield that is more then 900 times great then what the land would produce using conventional means. Furthermore it can all be done with computers, that are controlled by robots. These robots work on a assembly line, kind of like a auto plant.

The one down side of hydroponic is that they are not cheap. There is quite a bit of upfront cost to get one of these systems in place, you will also need to have people who are able to fix the computers and the robots when they breakdown. However with all technology cost will go down, and when they do
Hydroponics might be the answer to providing food for for a changing world.


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