Changing The Energy Light Source Through Solar Tubes

Written by admin on November 15th, 2011

Advancements in daylighting design offset energy costs. Solar light tubes offer maximum heat insulation properties and flexible installation for inner rooms, as well as privacy from visual contact with the outdoor environment.

Solar light tube replacement of traditional wattage bulbs increases the amount of natural daily light exposure significantly. Benefits include enhanced inception of daylighting for well-being and avoidance of over-illumination effects.

In comparison to artificial lighting, solar light tubes are great environmental impact reduction inputs that provide better natural light while saving energy and expense. In regions with longer cycles of spectral atmospheric darknesses during the Winter, solar light tubes may be combined with artificial hybrid daylighting to create consistency in effect through supply of sufficient spectrum simulation to that of natural sunlight.

Solar light tubes do not require normal electric installation or insulation, so that the technology is particularly well suited to indoor wet (i.e. bath and pool) areas. From a design standpoint, the recent development in daylighting innovation transparent, solar light tubes is allowing new planning in architecture and interior engineering of lighting as a component to more open spaces.

A viable option in alternative lighting, solar light tubes afford utility cost savings and sustainable energy reduction.The hits keep comin’: A guiding light for new directions in energy production


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