8 tips to travel by plane with your baby without worry

Are you going to travel by plane with your baby and have thousands of doubts? Do not worry, we offer you 8 indispensable tips so you can travel with your baby without worries.

If you are planning a plane trip with your baby and you have thousands of doubts, do not worry, it’s natural. But in reality, you just need a little planning and organization so that everything goes well and without surprises. Today we offer some tips for you to travel with your baby without worries.

1. If the baby is an infant

If your baby is still nursing, it is recommended to breastfeed during the takeoff and landing. This will reduce the baby feeling the change in atmospheric pressure and causing pain in his ears. Also, do not forget to carry in your hand luggage absorbent suction cups for the trip and one more day, in case there is a delay. Remember to take at least one change of nursing bra and a change of shirt in case you get stained, as well as enough clothes for your baby for the trip and at least one more day.

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2. If your little one eats other foods

Plan the hours of the trip counting the time you will be at the airport and the flight and how many foods you will need to eat at that time. Do not forget the snacks and snacks. You can bring processed food or, if you prefer, prepare your vacuum packed food. Most airlines allow baby food but we advise you to call to make sure you do not have any surprises. Remember not to give any new food during the trip, to avoid allergies.

3. Keep hydrated

Many liquids are lost in flights, so both the mother and the baby must stay hydrated. If you are still breastfeeding it is a subject that you should be careful with. A trick is to carry an empty bottle. Once you enter the plane, ask the stewardess to fill it out. Also, try to get your baby and you drink water before getting on the plane. In most airlines, you can take all the bottles you want to be filled with water or juice.

4. The pacifier, the blanket, and your favorite toy

Do not forget to take at least two pacifiers to avoid damage to the ears due to the change in atmospheric pressure. Also, have your favorite blanket at hand because sometimes it’s cold on airplanes. And do not forget your favorite toy, a biter or a textbook. You will need to keep the time that does not sleep entertained.

5. The time to go to the bathroom

If you travel alone, take a baby carrier with you so that when entering the bathroom it is easier. Remember that the bathrooms of the airplanes are small and space is limited, so a baby carrier that takes up as little space as possible will be the best option.

It is also necessary to prepare a toiletry kit with all the cleaning utensils of the babies. In airplanes do not have talc diapers or cremes, so do not forget anything. Remember that you can not carry containers with more than 100 milliliters of liquid, so ideally in your carry-on baggage, you should take samples of the creams and products you usually use to clean your baby.

There is always at least one bathroom with a changing mat, but you can not be sure that the hygiene is adequate. Therefore, do not forget to bring a changing towel for greater security.

6. Prepare a first aid kit

Before the trip, talk to your pediatrician and ask him to advise you what medications and doses you can give your baby in case of a complication such as diarrhea. Remember to write down each dose in the medicine box so you do not have any doubts if you need them.

7. The documents

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Take your documents and baby documents in a fanny pack or in an easily accessible bag. You will have to take them out many times and with everything you need to carry, it will be a drag if you can not find them easily.

8. The baby cart

In most airlines allow you to carry it as carry-on luggage and that is the best option. Keep in mind that when leaving the plane you will still take half an hour to receive your bags. Also, if you are going to make a stopover, it will make it much easier to transfer to the next boarding gate. If you can not take it, make sure you pack it well so that it does not arrive broken or damaged. Check with the airline you are going to travel all the doubts you have about what you can carry or not in your carry-on luggage.

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