Five plans to do in Sechura

Wanting to travel and discover new places? We invite you to visit our region. Today we present five plans to do in Sechura, a province located about 50 km south of Piura, also known as the ‘Capital of the Arena’.

Camping in the San Pedro Mangroves and enjoy its flora and fauna

10 km from Sechura, in the Northwest direction, are the Mangroves of San Pedro, one of the most recognized natural landscapes of the entire Piura region. It has an impressive ecosystem: it has a mirror of water, small islands, muddy areas in which there is a diversity of species. This area is known for a large number of parihuanas or flamingos that inhabit it. If you like photography, these landscapes will inspire you.

Practice sandboarding in the dunes of the Sechura Desert

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The Sechura desert is the largest desert in Peru. It stands out for its impressive dunes; and especially, for its white dune known as the Julian Dunes. If you like extreme sports, this plan is ideal for you. There you can practice sandboarding, motocross, hiking, etc.

Make a bicycle tour around the virgin beaches of Illescas

Illescas Reserved Zone is a coastal marine zone located in the district and province of Sechura, department of Piura that has an extension of 37 452.58 hectares. It has a set of virgin beaches located in the area of Illescas, such as Shode Point, Loberas, Nunura, Avic, Reventazón, among others. You can observe various species of animals such as sea lions and Humboldt penguins. We encourage you to travel Illescas by bicycle. Venture!

Appreciate the art and architecture of the San Martín de Tours Temple

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This temple is an architectural jewel of the colonial era, its construction took 50 years, was blessed by the Archbishop of Lima Dr. Pedro Jóse Barroeta Ilustrísimo in 1778. Under the church, there is a network of tunnels. So if you like art and architecture, this plan will enchant you.

Know the history of the Sechuran people in the Ethnological Museum

Modern infrastructure, located in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Monastery of the Benedictines. It exhibits cultural objects that identify the jurisdiction of Sechura, related to history, archeology, customs and religion from prehistory to the present.

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