New York inside: museums, bars, historic houses and other 8 proposals to get to know it

Eleven ideas to explore every corner of the Big Apple and discover it, even when the weather does not accompany it. How to take advantage of the enormous cultural and gastronomic proposal beyond the inclement weather

New York has it all. And although sometimes the weather plays a trick on a vacation getaway, there’s no need to worry, because changing the plans in the city does not mean staying locked in the hotel looking at the walls.

Here, some ideas on how to take advantage of the enormous cultural, attractions and gastronomic proposal beyond the inclemency of the weather.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, better known as "The Met", is located on the mythical Fifth Avenue of the city and some of its rooms overlook Central Park.  There are charity events and the most important galas in the country (Getty Images)

To visit a museum

New York is a city that will house unique and world-class museums and institutions. One could spend all day admiring the fabulous works of art and design or the wonders of the natural world. Many of them offer free entrance at the Museum of the 9/11 Memorial, on Tuesdays from 17 to 20hrs or the MOMA on Sundays from 4 to 8 pm, and others for payment but all to benefit to keep it, such as the MET (Metropolitan Museum located on 5 Ave and 82 st) or the Natural History Museum (American Museum of Natural History on 79 st and Central Park).

The MOMA in New York was founded in 1929. Glaze and light colors characterize this modern jewel of the Big Apple (Getty Images)

Go shopping

The city of New York has some of the best shopping options in the world. Bergdorf Goodman, with its imposing store on Fifth Avenue and 57st, Bloomingdale’s, at 3 Ave and 59 st, Macy’s, at 34 st and 7 ave in Herald Square for classic department stores, or Brookfield Place and The Shops at Columbus Circle to know other collections.

The facade of the main store of the multi-brand "Macy's" a fashion icon that brings together the best of fashion, decoration and beauty in a single space.  It is located in Herald Square on 34 st and Broadway (Getty Images)

Sport in Chelsea Piers

At the Golf Club of Chelsea Piers, you can play golf protected from rain and cold all year round. The Golf Club in Chelsea Piers is an excellent option when the weather does not accompany. In addition to the Golf Club, the Chelsea Piers Sports Center offers a variety of activities without prior reservation, and also does not require membership, such as ice skating and bowling.

The Golf Club and Sports Center in Chelsea Piers next to the Empire State Building (Getty Images)

Watch a movie

Even a visit to the cinema in New York is an experience different from other cities. Alternative theaters like the Angelika Film Center and the Landmark Sunshine Cinema, for example, project films outside the commercial circuit (foreign documentaries and films, among others) that are not found in a typical complex. The same happens in the cinema of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Landmark Sunshine Cinema is located at 143 E Houston St

To combine a dinner with the movie, the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg is recommended. There, waiters serve the dishes on special tables right in front of the seat. Those who are fascinated by the history of cinema can head to Astoria, Queens, home of the fabulous Museum of the Moving Image.

Play in the bars

The nightlife of New York is not just lounges and clubs to dance. There are several places that combine fun and games with amazing music and drinks for adults. Brooklyn Bowl, in Williamsburg, is a clear example. This bowling site serves Blue Ribbon food and also offers live concerts by local groups and renowned artists (Guns N ‘Roses and Robert Plant, for example, have played here).

In Gowanus, Brooklyn neighborhood, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club offers tropical cocktails, food trucks and even an occasional restaurant. Among other places, it is also worth mentioning Barcade – a bar full of gaming machines – Spin – a nightclub with table tennis – and Full Circle Bar, where you can have fun playing classic skeeball.

Brooklyn Bowl an ideal place to go if the days do not go with the weather.  Located at 61 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, there you can try exquisite signature drinks and bowling with friends and family

Travel by train around the world

The phrase that says that in New York City you can see the world for the price of a subway trip is well known. That is not far from the truth in certain lines, such as train 7, which runs from Times Square to Flushing, Queens, along with a route that is sometimes referred to as the “International Express.” This line rises most of the way, so it offers a view of the different neighborhoods that it crosses.

There are numerous international dining options along the 7, or you can visit the New World Mall food court, just a few steps from the final stop of the line in Queens (Flushing – Main Street). With more than two dozen Asian food stalls to choose from, it can be an experience unlike any other.

Visit the United Nations

The tickets are necessary for a visit from Monday to Friday (and include a guided tour), but can be purchased with relatively short notice. On weekends the visitor center is usually open for walking, but there are no guided tours.

On the façade of the United Nations (UN) building the flags are constantly flying.  It is located on Avenue 1 and 42st (Getty Images)

Ferry to Staten Island

Take advantage of the free ferry ride to Staten Island and enjoy wonderful views of both the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

Visit the Grand Central Terminal

This building is, undoubtedly, an emblematic and unmissable site of New York. There you can take a self-guided tour or a 75-minute circuit run by one of the experts at the transit center. There are several dining options on the lower level Dining Concourse, including the classic Oyster Bar. For those who want a cocktail, there is the elegant Campbell Apartment, formerly the private office and lounge of the 20s tycoon, John W. Campbell.

"Grand Central", a must-see if you visit New York.  Located on the 42st is the transportation route that connects the city with others (Getty Images)

Visit the historic houses

The city is known for its skyscrapers, but its historic homes offer the opportunity to travel back in time to a rich cultural past. Preserved in bucolic settings in the city’s parks and located in the five districts, the houses have great architecture, beautiful gardens, farms and stunning views.

One afternoon in the library

Take a book, magazine, newspaper, tablet, phone or tablet, and read it in one of the majestic public reading rooms of the iconic Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library.

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